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The Most Favourite Games for XBOX 360

best xbox 360 games

XBOX 360,the hype never dies and neither will the game ever, it’s like a world known addiction that no doctor or scientists have been able to break. Kids & even adults of all ages are trying day after day to make some kind of a high score and have a name.

While there are masters of this game there are novices as well. So for the people who are interested we have the best three XBOX 360 games for you.

World of Tanks for XBOX 360 

World of Tanks for is one of the most played game for XBOX 360. I have not been able to understand the fascination boys have with tanks and guns and all the fireworks but there it is. World Of Tanks has been rated one of the top games of its class so far for the year 2014.

world of tank XBOX 360 games

The entire world becomes your ally and enemy as you try to save everyone on your own but the key to this game is team work and how you respond well to other players.

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The game has 10 very deeply detailed maps that help you every step of the game, two teams of 30 tanks each is or your help. So go on and dominate.

Dark Souls II for XBOX 360

Now there is always a game with word dark in it and it always has to be the best one played and loved by gamers all across the globe. Dark Souls II is your ultimate fantasy into the world of monsters, dead friends and bosses. With Dark Soul II for XBOX 360,Your worst nightmares will come to life and all your phobias are going to be tested like never before.

dark soul 2 xbox 360 game

This game actually traps you in the world itself where you confront your demons and make your way through cities using weapons and every item at your disposal.

The Walking Dead: Season Two Episode 2 

The Walking Dead story ending in season one continues in season 2 where you are the sole survivor of a world that burns in hell day and night. It’s a world of chaos where the dead feast on the living and the living in fear of their lives do not trust one another.

the walking dead xbox 360 game

The whole game revolves around the choices you make and how you prove to be a good thinker and doer. Your choices made in season one episode 400 days will also affect the game of season two. So if you have not played this game yet choose wisely.

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