8 Amazing and mind blowing facts about Saudi Arabia

Amazing Facts about Saudi Arabia

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia or otherwise known as KSA is the second largest in the Arab world. It has its borders with Jordan, Iraq, Kuwait Qatar, Bahrain, UAE, and Yemen along with Oman.

The popularity of Saudi Arabia is based on two important factors. One being the house of the most sacred religious practices in the world (Hajj) and being home to Islam’s last Prophet (P.B.U.H). Second reason is being the dominant oil reserve in the world.

The country is an Islamic state and home to millions during the holy month of ZilHajj. But there are some interesting facts about KSA that the world still does not know. Here we will let you know how different and amazing Saudi Arabia is.

Hiring Swords Men in Saudia

Hiring sword men in saudiaSaudi Arabia practise’s Islam to the core and the penalty for some major crimes is being beheaded.

Crimes like adultery and renouncing Islam means being beheaded and this means there have to be some real good swordsmen who are good at executioning.

But since the start of 2013 KSA has been facing a shortage of these swordsmen and they have been looking into alternative ways of executing criminals.

2: The Police of Magic

The police in SaudiaWe are not making fun here when we use that title, the title actually is the name of the police team that catches people who practice Black Magic.

It is highly illegal in Saudi Arabia to perform black magic and the ones caught can be sentenced to either death or life sentence depending on the severity of the magic.

Two women practicing magic on their employer were sentenced to a decade in prison and this was less of a punishment. Beheading is the ultimate punishment of them all.

3: Kingdom Tower

Kingdom tower saudiaThe government of Saudi Arabia is planning on building the tallest building in the world known as the Kingdom Tower.

This building is going to be about a kilometre in the air and plans to hold a hotel some offices and a observatory.

The building is going to be located in the new city that will be built by Saudi Arabia.

4: Hajj Numbers

Hajj in SaudiaBeing the hub for Muslims all over the world, millions of Muslims travel to Saudi Arabia for performing the Hajj.

Muslims from all around the globe come to Mecca and Madina and performing the Farz for the sake of Allah.

Now since the number has been doubling the government of KSA has decided to release a number that will be given to every country for allowing it’s citizens to perform Hajj every year.

5: Side Walk Skiing

Side Walk Skiing in saudiaThis is a stunt which stands for tipping the car to one side then sliding out the driver window standing while the car is moving on consistent speed.

This weird Skiing is gathering more and more popularity in Saudi Arabia and countless YouTube videos have been posted regarding it.

“Sidewalk Skiing” is also known as wildest car stunt ever.

6: Diyya

A somewhat different word but the concept has been not new. Diyya means blood money in simple terms and this in turn means paying the family of the victim you just murdered.

Yes, this applies for murder or any other criminal act you may have done to the victim. 

7: Voting

The right to vote for women was never allowed in Saudi Arabia until King Abdullah decided it should be allowed and the women should be given that freedom. Then onwards people have been awaiting eagerly for the election of 2015 to see the turnaround of this.

8: Water

The basic requirement water is running short in KSA and though it has already been using the sea water and purifying it the water is running short in the wells.

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