Best Olive Oil Benefits and Uses You Never Know

Olive Oil Benefits

The journey these precious little fruits take from one part of the world to the kitchen of billions is simply amazing. Before I being with olive oil benefits, I would like to tell you where they originate from.

Olives are the fruit of Olive tree that grows in Arabian Peninsula, Mediterranean Basin, Africa and Southern Asia. Olives and Olive oil are native fruits of the Mediterranean region and these countries in this region are famous for it.

The types of olives available naturally are six which hail from all different regions. The oldest record found for olive oil being consumed or used is about 6000 years ago. The countries are known to be Syria, Palestine and Crete.

Olive oil benefits

Now what you would be amazed to know about Olives is that about 90% olives in the world make olive oil and about 10% are used as whole for salads, pizza and what not.

The three types for table use are

  • Green Olives
  • Turning Color Olives
  • Black Olives.

Olives go through a process of curing before they end up in your meals as they are naturally very bitter. Olive oil on the other hand, comes from the process called pressing. And we literally means pressing, Using olive oil has benefited thousands across the world.

Olive oil benefits not only your outside health but inside as well. Five of the common olive oil benefits are

Olive oil benefits for Weight Loss

Olive oil when used in dressings or raw helps is aiding weight loss that has been the problems of many obese people. Olive oil triggers all fat stored and makes it accessible enough to melt from your body, the whole process of melting fat is possible because of olive oil.


The disease that has not spared from young to old is actually curable over the period of years with the use of Olive oil. Olive oil helps in regulating insulin levels which in turn keep your bp in check and give you an active healthy life.


With olive oils natural anti-inflammatory substance, inflammation is actually reduced to nothing with the consumption of olive oil.

Organ Oil Change

The way you would oil parts of a machinery for regular smooth flow, olive oil is what works for your inside machinery. It helps keep a balance between organs and helps them run smoothly being getting damaged or heated.


It helps in restoring your skin to its natural color and protects you from the signs and marks of aging. Olive oil benefits are uncountable and if you want a healthy lifestyle then you must used it on daily basis.

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