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3D Printable solar Panels are new milestone in green energy

3D Printable solar panels

World is going to see a tremendous increase in the field of Science and technology that is renewable energy generators that allow flexible and thin printable solar panel i.e 3D solar power cells that can be attached with rooftops, windows or even the electronics and Smartphones. In the near future, this technology will be accessible commercially to us and could be able to power the “whole superstructure “.

According to the team of Australian researchers, the distinctive trenches would be transfigured, though prospective is rapidly flourishing.

As part of Victorian Organic Solar cell Consortium, A squad of almost 50 technologists, who are working in multiple fields, toiled for stages to erupt and develop a fine cosmic panel. They anticipate seeing the production of this technology in commercial market as per to minimize the power utilization.

Benefits of the 3D Printable Solar Panel technology

Scientists have been working on printable solar panels from 2007. The team behind this green energy project incorporates the scientists from the Commonwealth Scientific and industrial research organization and The Melbourne and Monash universities.

This team came up with a tremendous output by generating coin-sized solar panels cells and increasing them to A3 size.

Printable Solar Panel technology is backed by innumerable advantages. The main benefit in this regard is that, they are being used in changing the former way electronic chargers were charged.

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The amazing thing is that now scientists are planning to utilize the things like iPad and phone covers and casings, laptop bags and many other things which are usually used to cover and pack the electronics will be functioned in a way that they will help charging the electronics by using the solar power. This is going to be very economical and will save power and energy and the time as well.

Once this technology is introduced, with the passage of time the innovations made in this invention would allow powering the entire “Skyscraper”.

Scientists and researchers are working hard on improving the efficiency and performance of printable solar panels. They are also trying hard to develop solar inks to generate more energy and power from the solar system (sunlight).

Big organizations and companies are showing their keen interest in investing in this field as the dream is getting closer to the reality. This is good news for those who have been working on this project, this way they can speed up the procedure in developing the technology of the future.

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