2nd Hub Rally – The Passion For Speed in Pakistan

Passion for speed has been racing in the veins of millions across the world and movies like Need for Speed and Fast & Furious fire up the rage to race even more.

Pakistan, even though being a new one in the series of these rally’s and races still has shown a lot of potential. It’s working its way across creating a name worldwide. While working their way across law and rules in Pakistan, Sherwani group took the initiative to set a platform for all those who wanted a place to live their passion.

They have been promoting, participating and giving opportunities to people since 1984. Hence, it was only natural that they step up to create a place of dreams for all racers.

The platform for Hub Rally was created between Karachi & Balochistan in 2014 for the first time. It became a huge success and there was no chance that it would stop after that. Sherwani group worked hard in making sure that all were catered and every opportunity was given to all involved in Hub Rally.
Does it all end here?

Overview : 2nd Hub Rally 2015

The 2nd Hub Rally was organized by Outdoor Adventures and set of in the month of April dated 12th 2015, at Nooriabad and the timings were 9am to 5pm. Participants came from all across Pakistan with all sorts of vehicles to participate.

Among the VIP’s in 2nd Hub Rally, were Pervaiz Ghias, CEO to Indus Motor Company. Shujaat Sherwani, CEO of Toyota Highway Motors, Zafar Magsi, a highly skilled driver & Shad Ali Kahn, G.M Toyota Highway Motors along with Dr. Hironao Takahashi.

Mr Pervaiz Ghias in 2nd Hub Rally 2015

Mr.Pervaiz Ghias inaugurated Toyota Corolla Grande Cvti which was later driven by Zafar Magsi at the race to win first price as well. He also took the Fortuna in 2nd Hub Rally for a test drive side by side with Shujaat Sherwani.

Hub Rally 2015


2nd Hub Rally

Toyota Hilux 4×4 Vigo Champ V was driver by Shah Ali Khan who did not take a back seat in the action. The event praised and graces by these Car celebrities of Pakistan made it a day for everyone.

2nd Hub Rally Vigo Champ

Vigo Champ 2nd Hub Rally

Coverage of the entire 2nd Hub Rally was by HTV which had up to sixty to seventy photographers. They did not leave any corner uncaptured. Hanif Bhatti graced the arena to capture shots that left the event audience stunned.

For Stunning Picture of 2nd Hub Rally -> Click Here

Being one of its kind in Pakistan the participants and onlookers thanked and praised Sherwani group and Toyota Highway for their combined efforts. Pakistan is sure to bring up its name around the world with amazing events like the second Hub Rally.

Winners of 2nd Hub Rally 2015

2nd Hub Rally Winners

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