Twelve Reasons Why Your Body Crave Junk Foods

Why you need junk foods
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Your body craves junk foods for a lot of reasons mainly because it may be missing some on the important nutrients, for a better understanding following are the main reasons for craving junk foods highlighted.


When a body stresses out, it stimulates the production of a hormone called cortisol which mainly increases sugar in the blood so it can be used as energy hence every time we are stressed we go towards high energy sugary food to satisfy cortisol’s needs. learn how to eliminate stress from your life.

Your Genes Play Their Part

A little part of your genomes play a huge role in it. It is how humans are built, long back from the caveman times when high calorie wild animals were consumed.

In a way this shaped our genes to believe that we need high calorie junk foods which in turn makes us eat junk food to our heart’s content.

Not Enough Sleep

when you get less sleep, your brain wants to reward itself in other ways to fulfill the blank space for sleep deprivation, It does so by getting attracted to all the junk food it can think of. Less sleep also means finding comfort in other things like comfort food which turns out to be junk food.

When You Are Happy

When you feel great or get great news at work or at home or anywhere, your brain wants to celebrate and what is best for celebrating? None other than high calorie junk foods.

Energy Packets required

The glycogen in your body is mainly responsible for delivering energy but changes in your diet can cause its levels to fall which means your body will crave foods that deliver quick energy like junk food.

Sweet Tooth

Eating more and more junk gives your body extra energy and sends it on a roller coaster ride but when it gets broken down quickly, your blood sugar level falls which means it takes you back to where you started from, more junk food.


Being drunk actually suppresses your ability to think rationally. Normally, you would think it is wise to eat a few chips and stop but when you are buzzed, your attitude is a kind of a party animal with no care what so ever and you ending up eating more

Your Senses

These senses are extra sharp so when you hear or smell or see good junk food, you crave for more food hence your body wants junk food.


If you have a habit of having a particular snack daily and then abruptly end it then chances are that you will crave more because of breaking that one habit.


Sugar releases dopamine in your body, the same chemical that is triggered by cocaine. When you eat enough of sugar eventually your brain may get you addicted to it.


Memories of your eating experiences can trigger cravings, when you don’t find the particular food, you end up eating junk food.


If your brain gets used to having the same taste again and again, it gets displeasure and its sensitivity decreases so you crave junk food for a change of taste and sensitivity.

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