Elmedia : The Best media player for Mac users

Best media player for Mac

All my Mac users you should be delighted that I bring you so much of Mac Apps that can make your life a living miracle.

The Mac OS X Apps here that we review are tested and used to make sure that you get the absolute best from us so that when using on your Mac, you know what to expect.

So here we are again with free media player for Mac that will not only help make your life easier but also assure that you get to use it to the full potential.

Elmedia : Recommended Media Player for Mac

Today we are going to review Elmedia, the best and multifunctional media Player which is a free Mac OS X software actually and it’s not just your random player.

Elmedia aka best media player for Mac is one of a kind that runs video of different formats itself. The best part of best media player for Mac is that it enables itself in your browser and then lets you watch those same videos online through this media player for Mac.

Multifunctional features

This Mac media player is multipurpose but also multi-functional giving you two different and unique features in the same go. You can even open direct URL’s from this Mac media player and that would never require you to open a browser ever again.

HD Quality Playback

My favorite media player for Mac has a playback in HD quality giving you the best screen resolution and picture all in one. Entire movies can be played through this and we all know a movie in best-enjoyed HD.

Supports all video formats

All popular formats like FLV, AVI, WMV, and MP4 and then not so used formats like SWF, XAP, MOV, and RM or RV are supported by Eltima Media player.

So now you have a movie sent over by someone or a short clip maybe, you can watch it easily knowing that your Eltima Media Player will play it all.

Elmedia Pro Features

Support SWF settings

Elmedia – free media player for Mac have all SWF setting are also pre-installed which means that controls can be hid, screen savers temporarily disabled. In short no distraction will ever let you stop watching your movie, a full 2 hour nonstop show will be waiting for you once a movie is played through Eltima.

Eltima also offers downloader for Mac so you can download audio / video and torrent files at high speed.

Entire music collections can be summed up in this popular media player for Mac and this would include all online music as well. Since we mentioned that it integrates itself in your browser managing all your music is now a thing of the past. Just play what you feel like without ever searching for it, because your Eltima will have saved everything for you.

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