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4 Ways To TRAIN Your Brain

Staying sharp and innovative seems like a natural desire for many, and it’s essential for consistent professional and entrepreneurial success. As processes are automated in the digital world and the daily use of technology becomes routine, training your brain to stay creative and logical is necessary.

How To Engage the Left and Right Hemispheres at the Same Time

How the brain works is common knowledge, partly due to its biological structure of two hemispheres. There’s a common conception that the right and left hemispheres work separately, focused on different elements of intelligence and creativity. The right hemisphere is known to be non-verbal, intuitive, and visual. The left hemisphere is verbal, logical, and analytical.

This general conception is true…and untrue. According to various studies, the hemispheres often work together, but left and right sides focus on qualities and skills at different intensities. Either way, a great way to train your brain is to engage in activities that activate both hemispheres at the same time. There are plenty of ways to engage both sides of your brain simultaneously – online and offline.


1. Video Creation
Making a simple and quick video is a fun way to train your brain. An online tool that creates professional quality videos for you called mysimpleshow helps sharpen critical thinking while improving your writing skills and challenging your visual creativity capabilities. The tool provides storyline categories for both the left brained and the right brained, ranging from explaining a biological process and pitching a business strategy to describing a cooking recipe or summarizing a movie. The written text becomes a spoken voiceover for the final video, after choosing and aesthetically organizing visuals automatically suggested by mysimpleshow .

2. Brain Games
Challenging your brain’s normal thinking patterns with brain games will help both hemispheres work together to adapt to a new take on a normal situation. Tricking your brain by turning photos upside down will trigger an alert system of sorts, because knowing that something of lesser importance is out of place will help you pay attention to small details throughout the day. Try using the hand you don’t normally use to complete common tasks, like opening a door or using a fork.

3. Apps
There are countless apps available for brain training. Among the most popular is Lumosity, a mobile app and online brain training website generated by research scientists and game developers. The app uses continuously changing and timed cognitive games to improve mental skills. It allows users to personalize their accounts based on what they want to learn or improve, including: attention, memory, processing speed, flexibility of memory, and problem solving.

4. Arts and Crafts
Reconnect with your imagination and your inner artist. Playing or writing music, learning an instrument, doing arts and crafts, painting, writing, playing a part in a theatrical performance, shooting an artistic video, exploring photography, visual editing, starting a blog, and DIY projects are all great ideas to help engage your brain. Artistic activities like these embrace creativity, but also inspire critical thinking, leading to creative solutions for logical problems.

A combination of tricking your brain with games, creating videos, brain training apps, and using your imagination to be artistic and crafty will help anyone train their brains to stay up to date and in the know.

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