Five Beautiful Places You must visit in a Lifetime

We do love nestling comfortably in our homes with our memories and loved ones but there are also beautiful places around the globe that are waiting for you to explore them.

They show history, memories of a different kind and love for travelling. Following are the five beautiful places that we handpicked for you so that you can visit them and make more beautiful memories.

Chapel in the Clouds, Costa Rica

A most perfect setting to be near all things Godly, the serenity and beauty of it enthrals and captures you in a way nothing else ever can.

Best Places in the World - Cosa Rica


Taj Mahal, India

When love conquers everything the world is left with memories that remain for years to last. Taj Mahal is one of the favourite beautiful place, made in love by Mughal King Shahjahan for his wife Mumtaz.

Beautiful Places of world - Taj Mahal

Santorini, Greece

An image that you are never going to forget will be of Santorini, when the sun is about to hide over the horizon and This beautiful place named as Santorini will bask in its dim light. Life will never be complete if not visited here once.

Santorini Greece


Nishinomaru Garden in Japan

The world is never going to be complete without Mother Nature not being around. Something in the way she nurtures every living thing gracefully just melts your heart. Nishinomaru National Park are the example of this love.

Nishinomaru Garden in Japan

White Heaven Beach, Australia

This list would never be complete if I did not add in this beautiful beach which has beautiful clear water to sit by and enjoy or Swim. Hope you will enjoy our handpicked list of World’s most beautiful places.

Whitehaven Beach Australis

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