Seven most efficient online learning tool for Kids

best learning tool for kids

Not only Teachers but students need learning tool that can aid them in studies as well. With the world progressing and the technology changing face every day and we have now excellent learning tool for kids.

Kids need to see the things that are changing and now learning is made easier with Apps, Tabs / iPad and portable desktops or laptops not to forget netbooks. Yes, the size keeps decreasing and the power keeps increasing.

Most Efficient Online Learning Tool for Kids

Now, kids can drive into their passion of whatever they want to be in a matter of minutes. Following are seven best learning tools for kids for seven fields that kids can use to know the world around them and be a better, faster learner.


This is one of the best learning tool for kids that can help nay child with meaning and learning new vocabulary. It can be easily downloaded from your Google Play Store or App Store in your SmartPhone, tab, desktop and laptops.

Once downloaded it gives you a word of the day reminder and has both Thesaurus and a Dictionary. Learning new words and increasing vocabulary has never been easier before this priceless learning tool for Kid.


For all those kids who have a knack for writing at an earlier age this platform will give you that audience and space to write your heart away.

WordPress is one of the favourite learning tool for kids, they can write from any topic and post it with tags so that it reaches the relevant audience and you can create a writing space of your own. Who knows we might be looking at a potential best selling author.


Flickr lets you upload pictures and share them with the world, all those kids who have a talent for taking pictures and are naturally inclined towards capturing moments.

This is one of most use online learning tool for kids where they can explore others and post their pictures to get amazing reviews and can enhance their artistic skills.


Now, for all my radio jockeys out there you are in for some tough competition. This particular website named iPadio gives you the App on your smart devices to create online audio records where you can record anything from poetry, speeches heck whatever you want.


An animation with your voice, now isn’t that cool learning tool for kids?

Voki lets you create your own avatar with your voice over as recording. You can create anything from presentations to short videos and make your own projects and show them to the world.

Text Novel

Text Novel is a place where all budding writers can post their fictional and non-fictional work to get criticism and develop on their skills in a very pleasant way.

Not only will you get to know how to write on a particular Genre but also will come across some amazing talent and talk to them to get feedback and tips.


Have you ever thought if you could have one App that you could ask something too and would give you an accurate answer?

Well ChaCha will give you that option on your phone. You can simply send in your question and receive an answer via text. Almost accurate answers are received every time you dial in.

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