Guide: Best Five and Recommended DSLR Camera

Best Five DSLR camera

Nowadays it is hard to believe one would not have heard of the word DSLR. It refers to the term: Digital Single-Lens Reflex camera. This term presents a technique used by the digital professional cameras nowadays.

In simple words a single lens causes light to enter the camera and distribute in such a way that the viewer sees the same image whether he looks through the image sensor or the eyepiece.

Best DSLR Cameras

So we will be discussing some of the best and hot favourite entry level DSLR cameras available in the market that can make your photography experience much professional in an enjoyable and easy way.

Nikon D3200

Best DSLR Camera by NikonThe first recommended DSLR camera is Nikon D3200. According to our survey of 2015 this machine has scored a total of 10 on 10. Also it has been declared as the best product due to the features it provides.

It provides a 24 MP camera with a 3x optical zoom, built-in flash, fully autofocus and a vibrant full HD video.

For storage and viewing are provided HDMI, USB and a user selective memory card option and with image stabilization and a 3.0 inch screen this product is not one to miss.

Canon EOS 650D

Popular DSLR CameraWith a 9 on 10 scoring this product features an 18 MP lens with a 3.0 inch touch screen display with full HD video recording to provide you with finest color and bright displays required.

Also it has an ISO sensitivity of 12.8 with a 3x optical zoom. And with HDMI, USB and memory card storage feature this favourite DSLR also gets its edge by its light weight and a stylish look that just compliments your photography passion and style.

For more information view the full product details.

Canon EOS 1100

Favourite DSLR CameraAlso scoring a 9 on 10 is the Canon EOS 1100. Being given the title of the “Best Price” in the market this camera features a 12 MP with a 3x optical zoom and a 2.7 inch display.

The ISO sensitivity stands at 6.4 auto and with the image stabilization and full HD video recording the camera scores 4 out of 5 stars over-all.

Other features of Canon EOS DSLR camera include memory card, HDMI and USB. For more details view the full review for the product.

Sony SLT-A37K

Best Digital CameraComing from a well reputed band the Sony SLT-A37K features a 16 MP, 3x optical zoom and a 2.7 inch screen. The video quality is bright and HD.

With Sony DSLR camera, the image stabilization and an auto focus this camera provides an ISO sensitivity of 16.0. However the main feature that gets it on top is its 3D video recording.

In a size like this and a result better than most of the cameras of the like, this piece is not one to miss.

Nikon D5100

DSLR cameraLastly the Nikon D5100 provides a 16 MP lens with an ISO sensitivity of 6.4. The screen stands at 3.0 inches with a 3x optical zoom. And with Memory card and USB you can save and transfer all the files you like.

Also it is easy to carry and provides you with the most stunning photography experience whether on the beginner level or a professional.

Hope the article proves to be a suitable guide for purchasing the DSLR you like.

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