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How to setup your own forum using vBulletin 5

vBulletin 5 (vB) is an alleviation internet symposium software assortment. Its developers are the vBulletin solutions Inc and it was initially released n 2000.

It general features include the built in applications which are providing discussion forums, Polls, blogs and groups. The logical interspersed experience offers single permission, exceptional Admin control panel, articles and blogs.

  • Its search engines are user friendly, and contain control panels for each rolls.
  • It support customer forums, customer ticket, and public forum and provide professional aids.
  • It is extensile that gives flexible users profiles, URL rewriting, consolidate localization and Meta data.
  • It provides the standard compliances and the user’s management contraptions.

vBulletin is written in PHP form and it is a cross platform operating system which is available in official abutment of German and English. It bring about content is designed to be used to support several languages in general.

Quarto — vBulletin 5 Responsive Theme

vBulletin 5 is supporting Quarto themes and templates which are completely susceptible and reactive.

Quarto is elegant and simple is style but 100% influence able to the latest vBulletin associated software. Quarto is user familiar software that assists to construct and attract a popular community.

The themes are distinctly innovative and scale able and give perfect results on high obstinacy screens. This vBulletin 5 responsive theme is available in 10 colors according to your preference, 5 are in lighter shades whether the rest of the 5 themes are in dusky.

Quarto responsive vbulletin 5 connent

The key features include its multilingual ready feature which helps you to give you services in your required language that means you do not need to translate each and everything every now and then and provide you the convenience and support already.

Its other information segments allow you to go through the address, links and about us option.

A guaranteed permit is readily incorporated. Any question or query about using the theme is available in the documentation segment. Once you purchased it you are going to get updates and premium support for a life time.

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Flat — Retina ready theme for vBulletin 5 connect 

The flat theme is peculiar designs for the vBulletin 5 connect. Being the top rated and leading stomping ground, it is designed in a modern way and its outline is influence able.

Its key features include the flat architecture responsive outline, retina ready, convenient in installation and provide free updates.

Best vbulletin 5 connect theme

It has documentation feature along with Google fonts and 6 beautiful color arrangements. It supports cross browsing and have custom icons.

It has high resolutions and its browser is compatible for safari, Opera, chrome and firefox search engines. The theme forest file includes the CSS files and the Js files. It is well documented and have responsive layout.

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