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Best three Strategy Game for Windows Phone users

Best Three Strategy Game for Windows Phone

My fellow Windows Phone users I know by now you must be thanking me for all that I am brought you in terms of Windows Phone.

I am also one of Windows Phone user and I personally likes strategy games of old ages.

So here is yet another piece that is for you to enjoy and benefit from, a short review on the popular three strategy game for Windows Phone.

Roman Empire : Strategy game for Windows Phone

Best Strategy gameThese Romans, I tell you that world is fascinated with them and the history they have. So there had to be a strategy game that went into history and gave you the sweet taste of all that happened.

This popular strategy game for Windows Phone begins in 753 BC and ends at 117 AD. You get to play 500- years of historic moments at your fingertips and I must say amazing 500 years they are. With this Highest rating game you will get to create units of armies and dragging them along cities you can attack your enemies or defend in case.

In Roman Empire for Windows Phone, your mind will be put to test with the strategies involved, rather the one you would design to have your army involved. Users have fallen in love with this strategy game for Windows Phone and want to have a go at it instantly.

Prince of Persia : Popular Strategy game for Windows Phone

Pupular Strategy Games for Windows PhoneMy personal favourite strategy game for Windows phone is Prince of Persia as it gets your through the movie and the book amazingly well. It’s basically a third person puzzle where action and adventure are involved simultaneously.

Ubisoft released this back in 2003 and till now it has been a hit with the lads and the ladies as well. The original series was created by Jordan Mechner in 1989 and this has been the 3D adaptation of it.

Price of Persia for Windows Phone has been specifically worked upon to give you the maximum experience of those olden times. Costumes, Castles, Deserts and sword fighting has been the highlight of this game.

Age of Sparta: Top Strategy game for Windows Phone

Top Strategy game for Windows PhoneWith Age of Sparta, the top strategy game for Windows Phone, all you have to do is and it’s very simple; Have your men and the Gods you worship unite under your name and protect Ancient Greece from being invaded. That’s it!

Like if this was that simple, this top strategy game for Windows phone involves you to have strategies that have both the power of men and the Gods they worship. This strategy game for Windows Phone is intense as you go deeper and get involved to the core with the characters and the story of the game.

Xerxes is your enemy and he thinks that you are going to surrender to his will. He does not know you and we know that, so relax I am confident that between us we will save Greece and if not we can always start over.

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