Gemini – All in one duplicate file finder For Mac

Gemini - All in one duplicate file finder For Mac

We believe that our Mac users will be in heaps of joy as there are so many software’s for them to make their life simpler. Among all these is yet another creation that you will benefit from immensely.

Duplicate file finder for Mac exist and it’s called Gemini. Their motto is that Duplicate files can run but they cannot hide and a best duplicate file finder software has been produced only for Mac this is quiet true.

How to delete duplicate files in Mac

Gemini, the product by MacPaw is a perfect duplicate file finder for Mac and designed on simplicity and works like a charm because all you have to drag and drop the folders to see if they have duplicate copies or not.

Once you have done that you can set it to automatically delete the duplicate files and before you know it your work would have been reduced in half.

Not only does it do all of the above but your duplicate file finder for Mac works in a lightning speed. It does keep running and running but does it’s work fast and gets done with the duplicate files.

Now the software itself is designed in such a way that it look perfect work with, the design gives you the aura of working with a physical device and the animated objects add to the drama of the whole duplicate file finder for Mac.

Gemini: Advanced duplicate file finder for Mac

Now, apart from easily setting the software to deleting the duplicate files you can also set them aside to pre check and preview. After all the files are found that are duplicates you can browse through them easily and can listen and see previews of them to make sure a different file is not being deleted.

There are many reason why Gemini is the duplicate file finder for Mac and not some other software. The reasons include Auto Select Wizard, an awesome design, external drive support, scanning multiple locations, a unique scanning algorithm, rich scanning zone, security check, an exclude list, data visualizer and two way deletion.

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For a duplicate file finder for Mac, Gemini works in the most amazing of ways and all of the above mentioned tools and options can give you a seamless world of clear drives.

It haunts everyone at some point that the drives need to be cleaned and that there are too many folders and even duplicates that are only taking up space.

This software lets you get rid of all that giving you a clear conscious and a better running machine. We hope you avail this opportunity to go through this article and find that this software will actually make your machine work better and keep your drives clean for now and ever. Gemini is indeed a software for all Mac users to adore.

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