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How you can use Li-Fi technology for Data Transmission

Li-Fi, an almost a similar technology to WiFi has been gaining new popularity and the reason is Light itself. Yes, as astonishing as it is this new technology is much better than the poor old Wi-Fi. We all know that WiFi uses radio waves to transfer data from one place to another similarly LiFi transfers data as well, but it uses light to do so.

Now, all you need is a small chip that will fit nicely in your existing LED lights. You heard me, this new technology works in the most smallest of the ways and is much more reliable than Wi-Fi.

Now, why was light chose and in particular why were LED lights the best source for Li-Fi? The answer is simple, they are replacing the normal filament and halogen lamps all over the world, so having Li-Fi or installing it across the world would be in

The answer is simple, they are replacing the normal filament and halogen lights all over the world, so having Li-Fi or installing it across the world would be in matter of days and not months.

Li-Fi is the Simple Easy and Reliable Technology

Now, almost every developed country had LED lights installed and most developing countries are way on their way to install LED. This means by the time this technology is introduced the infrastructure would already have been laid. Simple, easy and reliable.

For Wi-Fi we all can gauge the speed and we all know the estimated time that would require to transfer data from one place to another. At least experience has taught us that much but what you do not know is that Li-Fi will be about estimated 200 times faster than your old Wi-Fi.

Li-Fi Technology

Which also means that about 10 GB worth of data will be transferred in one single second. The transfer speed may depend on commercial and domestic use but it is still said to be about 10 time faster than what you have right now.

The problem though this technology was having was cell phones since they use radio waves as well so how would this work? Would there be new cell phones in the market for this?

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No, we have established that light is much more dense than waves hence the data travels at amazing speed. We also know that light is present everywhere so the technology was evolved to incidence light which will reflect of the surfaces of phones and tablets and your devices will be able to read the data coming through.

But with everything great there almost is something wrong since this is a purely light based system the connection on phones and tablets will not be as reliable as everyone wants it to be. But then Li-Fi is also a reliable source to use on flights as radio waves would not be disturbed which your cell phone will be switched on.

Though the technology is in early stages and is still in testing phases but companies and the developing authorities have high hopes and the few glitches are expected to be fixed with time.

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