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How to recharge a Smartphone using Ambient Sound

Ambient Sound

While choosing a Smartphone, with other many features, the number one concern is about its battery life. Manufacturers have designed larger batteries according to the phones and they take long time to get charged and as we use the phones very frequent so the battery lower down faster.

Many inventions and scientific research have been made in this regard but the sound waves charging technology named as Ambient Sound will leave you stunned with its performance and provide you with the best results.

How Ambient Sound Technology Works

To charge Smartphones using a ambient sound, Queen Mary University of London join hands with Nokia to introduced the first ever framework of prototype.

The professors at Queen Mary university of London Dr. Steve Dunn and Dr. Joe Briscoe came up with the judgment when they observed that playing music or any sound effect enhanced the ability and working of solar cells.

This Idea leads to this significant Invention. The team reinforced a nano-generator device that was competent and capable of collecting the energy of the ambient sound.

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In simple words, Ambient refers to the sound from the atmosphere, climate or surroundings through different mediums. The main theme behind the nano-generator was zinc oxide that can create voltage when it expands and contracts.

This was formed into the nano-rods which help to generate Five volts of energy. This electromagnetism is enough to re-charge new prototype smartphones with the help of ambient sound.

This is such a magnificent and exceptional technology but still it need time to get more attention regarding its built and performance. Now it is not a problem to charge the smartphones using ambient sound no matter wherever you are.

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