How to increase battery life of new Macbook Pro Retina

New Macbook Pro Battery Life

The New Macbook Pro Retina comes with two battery ranges. With 13-inch which lasts up to 9 hours and 15 inch model which stays alive till 8 hours. Up till now, this is the most magnificent and spectacular battery time for any new Macbook Pro available so far.

Its integrated battery provides you with about 1000 full suffuse and defuse cycles and an instant on time of more than 30 days of standby time.

Let us discuss some very useful tips and points to extend the battery life of new Macbook Pro Retina. Be very careful about charging your new Macbook Pro and Always charge it when the battery is 20 to 40 % left. Leave the plug for at least 30 minutes even when it is fully charged and do not overcharge it.

Extend battery life of New Macbook Pro Retina

To increase the battery backup of Apple Macbook Pro Retina, your first step is to Clear up the NVRAM and PRAM settings. For this turn, your Macbook off and hold the cmd + option + P + R buttons at the same time when you put it on. Let it boot up normally after you see the start up sign and the starting sound again. This act is very useful to settle the issue.

Another very useful technique to increase battery life of new Macbook Pro is may be associated with a short prospect or terminal. For this, open the terminal on your Macbook pro retina and use up and button down the following command. Cd ~ / Library / Preferences / Enter.

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Once you press the enter button type another command that is rm and again press down enter key. Now the last step is to type KillAll Dock and press enter finally.

This procedure will remove the files of settings in the other line and your dock will be restart and this will make you sure that you are not using any damaged or defective preferences.

If your screen background set up as the mountain lion background theme than it is sort of an assurance that you have done a perfect job and one step forward to increase battery life of your new Macbook Pro Retina.

Another Method to increase battery backup of New Macbook Pro

One more trick is to charge your battery and leave the plug in for about 2 hours even if it is charged completely. Turn the Magsafe power off and use your Macbook Pro as long as the battery remains. Ignore the warning message about battery timings.

This way it will turn into hibernate or sleep mode. Let it be like that for 5 hours and put the plug in and let it charge completely. You will see your battery is completely positioned and calibrated.

Right behind carrying these tips and techniques, you will notice a complete and  perceptible regeneration of your resting battery life and the battery time will not run down frequently as quick as it runs out formally.

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