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Best free Cloud Storage Apps for Windows Phone

Cloud Storage Apps

Cloud storage apps are no doubt a very genius service provided by Joseph Carl Robnett Licklider. It was invented in 1960’s and it is such a blessing for modern computing system. It is actually an online backup assistance that provides you the facility to store your digital data in logical way.

Now, you need not to worry about carrying data storage devices with you. All you need is a Windows Phone, an internet connection and a computer and you can store up to many GBs of data.

Here we will scrutinize more about some famous and exceedingly proficient cloud storage apps which are being used by people from all around the globe.

Recommended Cloud Storage Apps for Windows Phone

It is now very easy to secure your data and upload multiple files at once. These cloud storage app for windows phone are available with more improved features, designs, business support and performance.

Share your huge files in single go. It is easy to protect your private data with a watchword using these Windows Phone cloud storage apps.

One Drive

One Drive for Windows PhoneBefore One Drive, it was never that easy to maintain, manage and share your professional and private data on the online access. One drive for Windws Phone, a service provided by Microsoft to its account holders, enabled its users to store the important data like images, sounds, audio visual files and documents online to access easily from anywhere using pc, tablet, windows phone or any internet enabled device.

It is just too simple and convenient to get what you saved or what other shared with you in just one go. You can browse, upload, share, move, delete, rename, create and quickly get to the files you have recently approached.


FileBox for Windows PhoneThis cloud storage app is an unsanctioned Dropbox consumer designed for windows phone. The main characteristics which make it distinguish from other peer apps are that it shows up the file information, pin the important files to the main screen and search the files in the Dropbox.

FileBox for Windows Phone can secure your data with a protective password. It copy, move, view, open and delete files in consumer’s Dropbox. Get your link shared, download documents and open images at a single click. It is undoubtedly famous among users and a great useful cloud storage app you need all the time around.

CloudSix for DropBox

Cloud Six for Windows PhoneCloudSix for DropBox is another free cloud storage app for Windows Phone and it is efficiently designed to work with the data in “the cloud” and to synchronize the file in a contemporaneous manner.

It makes all your digital data including pictures, files, documents, videos and other important input statistics available anywhere you go without taking any mass storage device with you.

With CloudSix, you can access your saved data anywhere easily using PC, tablet and your smart phone. The best feature inhabits that it significantly store your images and video files to Dropbox while your phone is being charged.

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