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What you need to know about Windows Phone 9

Windows Phone 9 Updates

Windows Phones have definitely been becoming popular over the past few months. The once niche market is now expanding to a much greater scale with more people showing interest in windows phones than ever before.

As a result, windows phones have been getting better by the day! With a wide variety of apps that were not available initially on these phones, and their colourful energetic appeal, these phones have become immensely popular.


With popularity, there are always bigger expansion plans and that is most certain for Windows Phones. This post has some very exciting news about the upcoming Windows Phone.

Windows Phone 9 comes with New UI

Recently, there have been multiple rumours about the fact that Windows Phone and windows RT will eventually form a merger in a few years time. The ‘new’ company will also keep Samsung as an option by actually paying Samsung to endorse windows instead of android in its phones.

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However, Russian Blogger Eldar Murtazin has some very different and equally important news to share! According to the blogger who always has some news about the technology world, this merger will take place much sooner than planned!

Windows Phone 9 Tipped for Late 2014

The blogger reveals that the merger will take place sometime during 2014 which is the exact same time when Windows Phone 9 will be released!

Interestingly, some of the changes in the new Windows Phone 9 include the absence of the iconic Metro interface, although people will still have the option to choose that interface if they wish to do so. The new operating system will also be more inspired by Android than iOS.

Whether this is to be termed as inspiration or copying will obviously only be revealed once we actually get to see the new windows phone! Expected to be released in the second quarter of 2014, this phone has definitely created excitement amongst enthusiasts!

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