Seven initial and serious Type 1 Diabetes Symptoms

Type 1 Diabetes Symptoms

Diabetes, A diseases that spread across the globe ranging from infants to elders and fast growing into young adults. Doctors call Diabetes as Diabetes Mellitus and it is a metabolic disease which results in high blood sugar levels.

There are three main types

  • Type 1 Diabetes
  • Type 2 Diabetes
  • Gestational Diabetes.

Here we will be discussing Type 1 diabetes symptoms. The reasons include body not being able to produce insulin to the level that are required or may be because the cells of the body are not responding to the insulin naturally being produced by the body.

The most common symptoms are getting hungry frequently it’s also known as (Polyphagia), urinating frequently also known as (Polyuria) & getting increasingly thirsty which is also known as (Polydipsia). Though it is manageable with insulin injections and tablets at different stages but it does take its toll and harms the person.

7 initial and serious Type 1 Diabetes Symptoms

Before you go into deep analysis there are seven Type 1 diabetes symptoms that you need to keep in mind and look for when you get the first danger single of Type 1 diabetes symptoms.

1: For a person having Type 1 diabetes symptoms the first one is increased thirst, the person would be thirstier as days pass by and this actually tells you that you are indeed suffering from this disease.

2: Frequent urination is another type that can be seen in people suffering from diabetes.

3: Extreme hunger is one another major Type 1 diabetes symptom that even people around the person can notice.

4: Weight loss that is not meant to be a loss by the person occurs and this is a visible change that people can see.

5: Mood swings and getting irritated frequently are results of Type 1 diabetes as well.

6: The person suffers from fatigue and weakness a lot and this can be monitored by the person themselves.

7: Blurred vision, that is caused by diabetes is one of the major Type 1 diabetes symptom that the person goes through.

Even though we have mentioned here the 7 most common and important Type 1 diabetes symptoms but there are also tests available for you to confirm this.

Do not just rely on these symptoms and start taking prescribed medicine meant for someone else or for that matter insulin. Have a doctor look you up properly and then after a thorough diagnosis from him/her you can carry on with the prescribed medicines for your condition.

Although, we do hope that you make some life altering changes in your routine that help you manage diabetes as soon as possible.

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