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Recommended free messenger apps for Windows Phone

Free Messenger Apps for Windows Phone

With the great Internet potential, instantaneous and speedy messaging to your family, friends, colleagues and your loved ones is much easier and trouble-free now.

Free messenger apps for Windows Phone are not less than a blessing now a days. It is the best way to communicate with people around the world regardless of their locality.

In business enterprises, it has became a benediction that you do not need to call a person face to face after every short time as free messenger apps removed the effort of getting together in a corporal meeting space as you can chat, send voice messages and even work reports to each other.

Free messenger apps for Windows Phone could also be the best process to hold virtual symposium in which people allocate recommendations and get resolutions. So here are some recommended free messenger apps for your windows phone.

Nimbuzz for Windows Phone 8.1

Nimbuzz for Windows PhoneNimbuzz, the ultimate way for instant messages and making calls for free. You can install this web messenger to your PC, Tablet, Windows phone or on any mobile without any trouble and make unlimited free calls and send numerous free messages.

You can also share important data like images, short voice message send files in blink of an eye.

Line: Free Messenger App

Line for Windows PhoneWith more clear, distortion free voice, much easier instant messaging, more convenient voice messages and most amusing photo, files, and video sharing.

Line is free and most popular messenger app is now available for windows phone. Now you can experience the best manner to communicate with your loved ones just with the domination of your internet enabled windows phone.

This absolutely free messenger app for Windows Phone is a whole new experience in its kind. Now you can even call landline phones and on mobile networks using line premium service in a very cheap rate.

Jongla communication App

Jongla for Windows PhoneJongla, the free messenger app, has make it fast, fun and free to message, sharing texts, pictures, videos and your location with your contacts. The associated options of interactive stickers make it more lively and amusing to chat with your loved ones.

The new stunning layout, push to talk voice message service make it fun to use. Jongla is personal, safe and reliable.

Kik for Windows Phone Users

Kik for Windows PhoneThe easily manageable, fast and simple free messenger app for Windows Phone is popular around the world for its amazing features and used by smartphone users.

Kik is the app which makes your conversation to life. It keeps your data private and you do not need any phone number. All you need is the Kik username making your presence personal. It is comparatively more secure and simple than other peer apps.

Messenger for voice message in Windows Phone

Messenger for Windows phoneWhat a moderate facility it is! With its great features, Messenger is an extraordinary free messenger app that provides you with best texting experience ever.

Obviously you can send and receive messages, videos, voice messages and many more things but it also make you aware when your friends read your messages.

You can receive your Facebook updates, share your location, do group conversations and many more. You can add beautiful effects to your images before sending them to your friends.

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