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How to be a great and successful mentor and a best mentee

Successful mentor tips

Mentor as the word means “a wise and trusted counselor or teacher” and the word Mentee means “ a person who is guided by the a mentor”.

If you look in the simplest terms, both words relate to one another and are incomplete without the other. About 15 years ago people were amazed when you used the word Mentor, for mentors were considered to be someone wise, intelligent and people who had answers or defined paths to questions and places you thought of.

Successful mentors were people who guided you, molded you and made you into someone who could stand and tell the world about his achievements. Similarly, a mentee was someone who was proudly shown by the mentor to his fellows and the world. These were moments of rejoice and contentment because two people had meaning in life and they filled it.

How to enlightened a mentor in yourself

However, sadly this is not the case now people think they can mentor just because they could relate to movies or some incidents in their life. Being a mentor is a much higher task then one anticipates but if you want to be one and feel this strongly we have some tips you can polish in yourself and be the enlightened one.

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To begin with you yourself need a mentor who has helped you through the thick and thin of life, who has taught you the greater meaning of life. To be a great mentor you need a great mentor. You also need to have a demeanor that radiates positive vibes and shows exactly what you are about.

Your timing to meet anyone who seeks your help needs to be filled with flexibility, because at the most odd hours your mentee will seek you out and will need your help. Make sure you follow up with the people your mentoring as this will help you achieve your goal in the required time. This will also help you to know where your mentee is standing and where they need a little push.

Tips to become a best Mantee

As a mentee you also need to make sure that when you visit your mentor you ask them exactly what you need answered. Sometimes, running around in circles means getting nowhere and most times it can lead you to places. But be sure to be specific.

A mentor empowers a person to see a possible future, and believe it can be obtained

Shawn Hitchcock

Make sure you let your mentor know what you can and cannot do and what makes you comfortable, this will help them in knowing you better and helping you better. We wish you all out there a happy mentoring time.

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