15 tips that really helps you to sleep in hot summer nights

Tricks to sleep in summer nights

Summer nights, the only problem with this season is the heat. We know there would be no summers without the heat but sometimes it just gets too unbearable.

Most of summer nights I also toss and turn as the air conditioner stops working due to the rising climate. So, what did people in older times used to do with no artificial cooling systems?

15 Tricks that helps you sleep in summer nights

Simple, they had ways which worked like wonders under a simple fan. We will be sharing some amazing ways with you as well and hopefully you will be well prepared for the next summer nights when the heat wave hits us with a blow.

1 : Wet Sheets 

My personal favorite is getting my bed sheet wet and using it as a duvet on me under the fan, what happens is as the sheet cools down I cool down under it too.

2 : Ice Pack converter 

The name is fancy but the working is definitely not, a simple hot water bottle that helps you keep warm in winters will also help you keep cool in summer nights if you fill it with water and shove it in the freezer hours before you sleep. Take it out when frozen and use it to cool your body down.

3 : Freezer Sheets 

Get your bed sheets and pillow cases in a plastic bag and stow the bag in the freezer. Once you are ready to sleep use the cooled sheets to help you cool down while you sleep.

4 : Shedding clothes

If you are wearing a pajama and a top, start with wearing a sleeve less top or a vest which are light in material and will help you pass the air around your body.

5 : Windows

Open cross windows across your house, which means opening windows at both ends of your home. This helps in crossing the hot air out and the cool breeze in.

Sleep is the best meditation.

Dalai Lama

6 : Pulse points

Keep ice packs or straight ice on your pulse points and this will help cool your body down instantly. You can also use some fresh summer drinks to keep your body more relax.

7 : Tech Savy

This means in simple words that start storing ice in big pots and once it freezes take it out in a dish or tray, put the tray directly in front of the fan and lie down. The fan will pick cold water from the tray and give you much cooler wind.

8 : Shower

A simple shower in cold water will help cool your body and you will be able to sleep much better.

9 : Floor

Your floor will actually help you sleep better as it is closer to the ground and cool quickly at night.

10 : Switch Off

Switch off all your electronic devices as they heat up and only add to the heat in the room.

11 : Cold Feet

Before bed, put your feet in cold water and let them stay there, your feet and your head are the two points which when cooled down lower your entire body temperature.

12 : Use of Water

Drink plenty of water before going to bed, water is the natural agent which helps in lowering your body temperature inside.

13 : Where to place Fans

Places your fans in front of a window this will help them throw hot air outside and let cool air settle your room temperature.

14 : What to Eat

Yes, your food is also what helps you keep cool. Eat salads and avoid oils, chicken or meat as they soar up temperatures.

15 : Use of Gadgets

Search the market for available old ideas as there are plenty that are helping people all across the globe.

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