13 Initial Symptoms Of High Blood Pressure

13 signs of high blood pressure

High blood pressure is problem very common now a day. If we define it, it would be a simple definition in medical language that the blood pressure actually is the measure of potency of the blood exerts force on or in opposition to the blood vessels barrier.

As we already know heart is the main organ to supply blood all over the body. The problem arises when the heart has to put all the force and have to work even harder to pump the blood to the body and this is what we called hypertension or High blood pressure.

The weirdest thing is that they are no specific symptoms of high blood pressure which is something dangerous as well. But if your blood pressure is extremely high than there would by some symptoms which make you feel that you are suffering from hyper tension which is High blood pressure.

The 13 signs of high blood pressure

Here we are going to have a look on the Signs of high blood pressure.

  1. One of the Signs of high blood pressure is severe head ache. If you are facing an unusual and stressing head ache than don’t take it slightly.  Get yourself checked by some expert immediately.
  2. If you are feeling fatigue and confused than it may be your brain telling you that this is a sign of high blood pressure.
  3. In some people sign of high blood pressure may be in form of vision problems. If suddenly you feel problem on your eye sight and blurred faculty of sight than it’s an alarm of high blood pressure.
  4. In some cases sign of high blood pressure is sudden or slight pain in chest area or in left hand.
  5. In some patients the signs of high blood pressure include difficulty in breathing.
  6. The irregular heart beat is also the sign of high blood pressure.
  7. The clear and visible sign of high blood pressure is blood in urine.
  8. Another very clear sign of hypertension is the strike or thump in the ears, chest, and neck or even in brain.
  9. Some patients face severe headaches and blood spots in eyes when their blood pressure is high in an insane manner.
  10. Sever anxiety is also a common sign of high blood pressure.
  11. Shortness of breath that leads to gasping and choking is a clear sign of hypertension.
  12. Sometimes high blood pressure causes your nose to bleed. This is a very dangerous moment and an ultimate sign of hypertension.
  13. The hypertension patient may also face sweating, facial blushing, dizziness and difficulty in sleeping as the signs of hypertension.
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