12 easy ways to relax yourself in just 5 minutes or less

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There always comes a time when we need to relax and we need the relaxation immediately. But at times the immediate need is not satisfied and we end up being in more stress.

But fear not my friends as always I have 12 amazing ways for you to relax and practicing them you will understand that you can relax at any time anywhere.

1: Green Tea can relax your mind

Now you all should tie this little tip with you that Green tea is almost the solution for everything at hand. It soothes your mind, help generate what we call in lay man terms the relax hormones. It helps in settling your mind and your body. Carry a couple of tea bags with you everywhere.

2: Honey can reduce your stress

This world of sweetness not only tickles your taste buds but also releases compounds that help in reducing the swelling in brain due to immense stress. Not the swelling you think but the temporary swelling of your nerves.

3: Use of Chewing Gum

This helps in reducing stress amazingly as you chew down your body finds a way to relieve stress into the mouth through your teeth and the poor gum suffers.

4: Music can give you pleasure

Keep a soft relaxing soothing part of a music with you all the time, which takes you to a place where you feel relaxed and watch the magic work like never before.

5: Deep Breathing for fresh oxygen

Taking deep breaths under a tree or anywhere open will help your lungs relax and the added fresh oxygen will relax your mind immediately.

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6: Counting

Go back to your KG or Grade 1 where you used to count everything, yes this method has helped people for ages. Counting backward or forward helps in reducing stress anytime and anywhere.

7: Stress Ball

Stress Ball was in reality made to relieve stress and people under estimate it sometimes, you all need to have one at handy and give it a go. You will see how squeezing the life out of that ball can help a long way.

8: Water

Sipping water in small intervals helps your body temperature to lower down and helps you in gaining a new perspective of the things around you.

9: Stand Alone

Stand all by yourself rather than in a crowd because the solitude can work magic on you, on the other hand a crowd stimulates increases pressure.

10: Work Out

Start working out right there, a little jog perhaps or stretching anything that gets you to think of something else rather than thinking of what is going on.

11: Write

Put all those words running in your mind onto a paper to settle that ramming brain of yours.

12: Flowers

Have your favorite flowers always around you and this will help you relax in no time at all.

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