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What is Web Summit and the main purposes of this event

Web Summit in Dublin

A web summit is based entirely on technology and to be exact internet technology, people gather in huge numbers from all across the world in Dublin, Ireland every year since 2010. The conference includes people like CEO, Directors, Investors, Finance Magnets and many more important personalities who want to share and experience the world of internet technology growing beyond bounds.

More than 500 speakers take turns into presenting ideas that absolutely rock, over 1000 investors show up to hit on a brilliant idea and more than 800 journalists who are otherwise known as tech journalists are there to record every minute of this precious techno meeting.

The Purpose of Web Summit Event

As the world is expanding and it does so as we speak, the ideas expand and so does the application of it. Since, everything is online these days and the internet is a place where you share everything related to everything. Yes, it’s a different world online where you now get to see virtual villages and cities built within seconds. Places like Pring, Google, Yahoo, Facebook, Twitter are taking over minds and ideas are generating like never before.

Hence, all these ideas need a placed to be explored to be shared and though everything is done virtually a conference where people meet face to face is really important too. So, people every year come together to meet and share these ideas and more people come to pick these ideas and invest in them to make them into a reality and not just a dream of a person.

This year the Web Summit was held from 4-6 November 2014 and the event was organized very well. The pre-sale for Web Summit 2015 is already been started and you can update yourself by visiting Web Summit Official website. Some of featured 2014’s attendees are


There are many different categories and the whole summit is divided into ten stages over the course of three days.

Genius’s from across the globe gather physically as well as via satellites showing more than two thousand startup ideas of some of the greatest projects mankind has ever seen. Digital Marketing, Enterprise is also among these stages and people discuss ideas, meet and form future bonds over something interesting.

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The Summit also attracts Fortune 500 companies and people who we know can change lives of dreamers. Every year this summit is a source of new beginnings and the number just keeps on increases.

People are encouraged to share ideas or projects so that something great can be started from just a humble origin.  Hold on to those ideas and wait for the minds to connect on next Web Summit.


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