Best ways to Shield yourself from Cancer

how to avoid from cancer

Cancer, once a disease that was rare is now being very common, like the common cold or flu. Whether it’s Breast Cancer, Blood Cancer, Lung Cancer or any other type we find one out of every 10 homes have a cancer patient. But rather than feeling sad and sympathetic we should be working towards preventing it from happening again.

We should help everyone around us to be aware of this disease and how it can spread. Some of the things that can actually help you and other are as follows:

Smoking – A way to lung cancer

Regular smokers are in constant risk of having cancer, cigarette packs even mention this at the bottom or top of the pack. Lung & Mouth cancer are the most common of all, and the first thing smoking does is kill the bacteria in your mouth. Smokers should try to quit smoking ASAP, and the first thing is to consult a doctor for this. Many alternatives are available for smoking now, so there are options to explore.

Lose your Weight for active life

cancer avoiding tipsWeight gain is another of the main causes of cancer as you are not reducing fat already stored in your body, but are adding more to it. When fat keeps depositing in your body, it starts creating acids and that results in cancer itself. Just maintain a healthy balance diet between the things you love to eat and all those that are good for you.

Protect yourself from cancer

No matter what the companies say or the packaging industry says there are preservatives in anything that comes in a packet. Why are there preservatives? Simple reason they need to keep a shelf life without these preservatives the foot will rot so in order to keep the food safe you eat the preservatives too and a simple reaction can lead to cancer.

Manage these, and you will be able to control cancer to a much more reasonable level, do not worry there are always ways to cure something, and there are always ways to prevent something. I wish you all bets of luck.

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