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How to create a strong password that never be hacked

Create Strong Password

I would say that this is the ultimate question when it comes to the world of technology, since everything inevitably needs a password.

Every day there are emails to support department of almost every available account online on retrieving passwords. Heck, even I have bugged the support group so many times for Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo, Facebook and what not.

So is there a secret to make a strong password or a password that cannot be hacked? Or maybe a software you can use to generate passwords that are unshakable.

What makes a password strong (or weak)

Unfortunately for us there is no such thing or a secret but yes there are some simple tips that once followed can get you a password that will very very and I mean very hard to crack.

Create Strong Password

The passwords that are hard to crack are broken into three steps.

  • Longer characters
  • Avoiding common places
  • Mixing n Matching

Use of Longer Characters for strong password

In simplest way possible it means to use longer passwords, which includes numbers, letters and some punctuations. A password consisting of more than 12 characters means you will create a very hard to crack password.

Accounts with longer passwords take a lot of time to bring up characters and this means you will be safe for a good time. It is also recommended to change your password every 60 to 80 days.

Avoiding Common Places or names

Do not ever use names, places, words from dictionaries, famous celebrities, movies, songs and the list can go on and on. These are the most common things people use as their favorite password that they can remember.

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You can write the longer password down somewhere and keep it safe. Mostly since the technology is so advanced everyone has an android phone, keep it safe there and you will not have anything to worry about.

Mixing & Matching of Alphabets and Special characters

If you have a password that seems something like this aaron234!, a simple way to twist, mix and match would be to make it like AaRoNsPaSSwoRD234!. You will be adding numbers, making it longer and capitalization will be used to make it secure.

This particular example of a password will be much harder to crack and you will indeed be tension free. Also do not forget to change your password every 60 days minimum.


There is no particular reason why people hack passwords or accounts and what’s the need to do it. But sometimes they do and you can make sure on your account that if years is every breached they will be getting a pretty hard time dealing with the crack. Eventually they will move on to the next and hence this way accounts all across will be kept save.

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