The most beautiful National Parks around the world

Best five national parks in the world

National Parks have been a source of constant charm for writers, royals and civilians for as long as one can remember or check. The beautiful blowing trees with scattered leaves, flowers blooming all along the paths that are made to walk.

It’s a sight to behold and a pleasure to watch and enjoy a lazy picnic. Here we will be talking about five parks that have been eye candy for people since years now.

Snowdonia – Mountains of Wales

Among the pristine mountains of Wales comes the sparkling beauty called Snowdon Mountain which is about 356 ft tall and is a sight to behold for the first time. A perfect setting for any acclaimed painting or a photographers delight this is surrounded with lakes and rivers.

The scenery created is one to sit and ponder at for hours to come, perfectly natural aligned trees make this park the visitors galore. There are several castles that are ruined and both preserved that you can look forward too.

Snowdonia Waves National Park

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The park is full of folk tales that will enlighten your senses and take you back to the time of dragons and magic. Back in 1951, it was called the 3rd National park for Great Britian, the park covers a total area of 2140 km and has about 37 miles coastline which is another delight for the visitors. Trees like Ash, Birch, Welsh Oak & hazel are spread in forests. A minimum total of 26,000 people actually live in the park currently.

Kruger National Park, South Africa

Kruger Park is one of the largest nationals parks around the world, this houses some of the most amazing species of animals on planet earth. The park is spread of acres of land which cannot be seen in several visits even.

Animals from Giraffes, Elephants, Hippos and many more are taken special care of and are provided their personal space to live freely.

Kruger National Park South Africa

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Viewing towers are scattered along the park for you to view these animals in close proximity. There is no hardcore development in the park and it seems it takes care of itself in its own natural way.

However, 21 rest camps, 2 lodges and 15 private safari lodges are available for the visitors. This particular park is getting popular for tourists who backpack and love camping.

Hortobagy National Park, Hungary

Hortobagy National Park Hungary

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Home to many endangered species this park is now one of the World Heritage sites as well, it was formed back in 1973.

The park has history of tales and folklore that run centuries back and is a source of fascination for hundreds of people.

It is also a national sacred place for wild horses that have lived endangered. Birds are another species that particularly are happy in this place.

Madain Saley National Historic Park, Saudi Arabia

Madain Saley National Historic Park Saudi Arabia

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This park is covered mostly in rock and sand, where others are heavy with trees and plants.

The highlight of the park is the Oasis you discover after roaming in high heat and watching those splendid rocks take shapes and forms due to howling winds.

You will also come across and ancient burial ground and some tombs will also be a fascinating sight to see.

Iguazu National Park, Argentina and Brazil

Iguazu National Park

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Home to the beautiful rain forests that are subtropical, this park has one of the most beautiful water falls called Iguazu Falls.

In reality this fall consists of hundreds of waterfalls that are curved around a cliff.

You can either walk through some of the falls to enjoy the walk and water or take a boat to see the magnificent sight from afar.

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