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What is GitHub and how we can use it

how to use GitHub

For normal people the common question would be what exactly GitHub is, never heard it before how would we use it. Worry not, I am here to help you understand what exactly GitHub is how you can use it to your advantage. GitHub basically was developed by Linus Trovald who is also the creator of famous operating system called Linux.

Now let’s talk about Version Control Systems, when an application is created it is also modified and fixed for errors. Upgrades, changes you name it, all these things happen and for all them to not mess up or jumble over they are controlled by these systems. So GitHub is basically a version control system.

GitHub – Special Tool for Developers

GitHub, also is a command line tool which not only is the center of all things but also revolves around the developers that can store projects online. Once they store projects online they can then share it with all those people who have similar interests and can add to each other’s work.

GitHub Tips and Guide

There is a specific terminology that all Geeks use on this website and you might have hear about one if you were around Greeks


It’s a location where all like files of a particular project are stored, all unique files are here and can be accessed with a specific link.

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It simply means creating projects of a project, this helps developers in figuring out details and glitches about one program or another.


Now it simply means pulling your details to where all can see it, making an official page or a place where other developers can see it.


Now like every social networking place, you can also make a profile here and the projects you have made can be checked by other users and a similar interest can be shared.

But apart from all this terminology we would also like to say that GitHub is not just for all the developers even common people can use for all types of file to share and upload.

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