Best three facts you should know about Horseback riding

Horseback riding guide

Horseback riding, is one of those things in life that people often wonder about and very few get lucky to do it every day. Then there are those who grow up among horses and get to ride one each and single day. Ask them and they would probably tell you it’s one of the best things about life they know and could have. But the myth that Horseback riding is a good exercise or not is still yet there and we will discuss today with proofs and facts about horse riding.

But the myth that Horseback riding also know as Equestrianism is a good exercise or not is still yet there and we will discuss today with proofs and facts about horse riding.

Horse riding like all other exercises requires an energy level of 5.5 MET’s. A MET for all those who are new to the concept means a measuring scale for the energy spent or used. So you need about 5.5 of that level for horse riding. Apart from this horse riding works like a single pill of antidepressant you take. Shocked? Well yes, it does and an immense drop has been seen in stress hormones.

Horseback Riding can cure you from mental disease

Physical and mental disability has been seen to improve amazingly quickly with horse riding. Serotonin, we all need this natural mood lifter to work all the time especially when we are stressed beyond reason and compare. Well, now you do not need to go for any harmful ways. All you need to do is get on top of a horse and feel yourself smile as you ride. Now, moving on horseback riding actually burns up calories equivalent to an hour in the gym, which ends up being boring and more like a chore.

Facts out of the way, now let’s explore where we stand with horse riding.

I can type up a picturesque scene and you can feel the wind blowing in your open hair and ride among the meadows. But let’s be honest here, most of us do not have the liberty to experience that all. But we can find a horse riding club and they do have grounds.

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Horseback riding is not just some past time that you can pick up at whim. There are a lot of things that require out attention day and night and we may never find time for this sort of activity. So you need to stay committed and you need to find time this will help your life nothing before.

A regular horse rider feels free and can think on situations which require all one’s attention much better than a normal person. Horse riding helps you keep close to nature an element we all desperately need in our lives. I would recommend you all and myself to take this up with commitment and eagerness.

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