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Which Diamond is Best for You – Diamond Buying Guide

proper diamond guide for Buyers

Diamonds, the jewels that rule the heart of men and women both. They are those rare pieces of gem that are known for shine, color and sheer beauty of their existence. Buying your first diamond can be really and I mean really confusing.

It comes to the point of frustration as you know not to choose a diamond when it comes to shape, colour or size. So, here we at your service are going to tell you about diamonds and how to buy them.

4cs - The complete Diamond Guide

About the Diamond Size and Shape

To begin with you need to see the weight of the diamond, there is no rule book where it says this size is a must. You can start with one carat diamond and move on from there. It mostly depends on the client themselves to choose a size. Budge comes in handy too at this point because you can be open with the dealer and tell him/her that this is my budget what can I afford.

Useful information about colour of the Diamond

Second in line comes the question of the colour of the diamond, which means that there are coloured diamonds and there are colour less diamonds.

Diamond colour complete guide

Usually the diamonds are graded by the colour they carry, for example the letter are D, E, F, G, H and k. D stands for rare diamonds which are also colourless. E & F are considered to be excellent diamonds but for a normal buyer the G & H quality diamonds will carry equal quality and standard.

The Most Important – Diamond Clarity

Along the line you also need to focus on the clearance of the diamond, this in simple term means how spotless the diamond is or clear it is. The more spotless or clear the diamond is the better quality it will carry.

diamond colour clarity

There are again some terms used here which are SI, VS, VVS & VVS-SI. These mean in their respective orders as “ Slightly Included”, “Very Slightly Included”, “Very Very Slightly Included” and the last which cannot be seen by the unknown eye.

Always Chose a Diamond That have Proper Cut

Now, comes the part which almost all people are aware of is the cut, yes the diamond when said is of good cut means the light is captured properly from all angles. A proper cut diamond will reflect light through all angles that are cut.

A bad cut diamond will not have light reflecting from all angles and you will be able to see it yourself. You can have a special cut custom made for yourself as well, or you can come up with a good cut with your jeweller.

The entire diamond relies on the cut, shape and finesse of the diamond, so keeping in mind these points when shopping for a diamond are very important. We hope this article helped you in getting the best diamond.

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