How gestational diabetes affect you after marriage

Gestational Diabetes guide

Gestational diabetes is a condition which occurs usually is females who are not previously pronounced as diabetic unveil high blood glucose level in a period of three months into which pregnancy is divided.

How it takes place? This is a very important question, which is frequently asked by patients suffering this disease as it is not very much common or people are not aware of it so often.

Let us first know what diabetes actually is? It is a disease in which the blood glucose level is abnormal. All the food we take especially with carbohydrates or sugar turns into glucose instead of being used by the body to make energy.

The human system automatically produces insulin which is used to control the level of sugar to get mixed in blood which is made in pancreas. The problem starts when it stops working or produce less of hormones which produces insulin.

How Gestational Diabetes effect females

Gestational diabetes usually starts effecting after female get married. Due to insufficient and unbalanced diet and of course because of unhealthy living style could double up your risk of having gestational diabetes.

Gestational diabetes upshot the mother in delayed pregnancy just when the baby’s body starts forming. The untreated and dreadfully supervised gestational diabetes could harm your baby by infecting them with high blood glucose level.

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It also keeps them at the high risk of low blood glucose level at the time of birth and damage their shoulders and they also suffers from breathing problems. Later this problem lead to obesity in child and in their adult age they may suffer type 2 Diabetes.

The strange fact about gestational diabetes is that it only occurs at the time of pregnancy in women but most women do not keep it after the childbirth. But once you underwent this situation your will be in a permanent risk of having gestational diabetes in future pregnancies.

Symptoms of Gestational Diabetes in females

Gestational diabetes usually has no symptoms at all. This is one of the reasons that gynecologists recommend pregnant ladies to have glucose screening test in-between 24 and 28 weeks of pregnancy.

Let us look on the causes which lead a woman to get gestational diabetes. A woman is at a high risk of gestational diabetes if it is in inheritance or having this issue with the previous pregnancy, or older age pregnancy usually after 25 years of age or may be when she is conceiving twins.

Women with gestational diabetes can have a physically fit child if she eats healthy and nourished diet. If women keep a strict control on their obesity and stay physically vigorous could be less in danger then other women.

Asking your gynecologist and following up their advice is always a good practice to have a healthy baby and a normal pregnancy.

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