Eight Initial signs and Diabetes symptoms in children

Diabetes symptoms in children

Diabetes is an increasingly risky disease that is growing fast in people and now even in children. The number of diabetic patients is rising even as we speak and this is indeed true.

When we talk about Diabetes symptoms in children, the risk factor starts from birth and then moves on from there. Most of the children have Type 1 diabetes and their childhood gets severely affected by this terrible disease.

In recent studies it is estimated that about 70% to 90% of aged one to 19 years are suffering of type 1 diabetes. To understand the diabetes symptoms in children we first have to see why is diabetes caused in them in the first place.

8 Early stages Diabetes symptoms in children

  • Mostly when we start talking Diabetes symptoms in children, it is said to be genetically transferred in children and other times the disease is caused by factors that include environment and obesity.
  • Diabetes is basically a metabolic disease that grows and no proper cure has ever been found for it.
  • Diabetes symptoms in children start with thirst.The child will be incredibly thirsty and will often seek water during the night as well in sleep.
  • When you child starts showing these symptoms, monitoring him would be a good precaution from you so that you can later report that to the doctor.
  • The children will also start displaying tiredness as diabetes symptoms in children follow one another. The child will stay more fatigued and will be sleepy due to it.
  • Another important diabetes symptom in children is weight loss and that will be clearly visible and not just an observation on your behalf. You child will also start urinating frequently and mostly it would be too many frequent visits to the bathroom.
  • Among other diabetes symptoms in children stomach ache are also seen which are followed by headaches and other behavioral issues.
  • The child will stay irritated and concentrating on play or studies would get more difficult for them as the days progress.

After a deep diagnosis and if you found any above diabetes symptoms in children, then you must referred to a child diabetic specialist. He will monitor, run some tests and will suggest the best possible solution.

Diabetes symptoms in children often take their time in showing altogether but they are there and do progress to a point where day to day living gets difficult.

It is mostly managed by insulin or tablets and that too can be cut short will life style changes. If you feel these kind of symptoms in your child please do consult your doctor first hand.

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