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The 5 most common mistakes on Twitter

common mistakes on twitter

Twitter, we all think we know what there is to know to about it but many of us make so many mistakes that we lose followers, and our account is not that successful at all. If you are twitter user then you must know about common twitter mistakes and the importance of followers that follow your tweets.

You always try to increase number of followers to get more involvement, for this your twitter account must have understand most common mistakes that average user do. You can easily avoid these mistakes once we tell you what they are, without these mistakes you will naturally see a boost on your twitter account.

Setting up your Twitter username

common twitter mistakes - selecting username

@imreallycoolandawesome, STOP, this is not a username that is going to make someone read your tweets. A username is something different and unique that makes your special.

Why go with something that is so redundant. Think there must be something that makes you different and special.

Delivered what you have in 140 Characters

Now 140 characters are there for you but tweeting and tweeting your thought in one tweet after the next simply will mean you are spamming. No need to do that, once you start trying you will know it yourself that 120 characters are even more than enough for what you have to say.

Relax, people do not want to read on and on the world is short on time, and they read something precise much more easily in Twitter.

Build up a unique Twitter Profile page

complete your twitter profile page

Twitter is mostly used on phone’s now rather than desktop’s or laptops, so naturally before following someone the profile page is checked out. Now if you have a regular normal profile no one will look twice, so you need to make it interesting. You can surely find a line about yourself that makes you unique from everyone else.

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Control your Emotions in front of Twitter

We know you get angry at time or emotional, and that’s where you use social media as an outlet, do not do that. STOP, please you will lose credibility as a normal person everyone will associate your anger from their onwards or any other emotion that is frequently seen in your tweets.

Tweet, when it’s important, and the world will see it as something interesting or new.

The most common mistake about Tweets

How to avoid from twitter common mistake

It is not at all cool to start a tweet with someone’s username, it feels like a desperate attempt to gain attention. If you have to tweet to someone and mention them use it as their name like “my gawd, @absd are you serious about getting that car?”

This seems much more genuine than using “@absd are you serious about getting that car?”

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