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Five Things you must know about Microsoft Cortana

what is microsoft cortana

“Cortana, please find the nearest coffee shop from here.” This is what you thought you would be asking to Microsoft Cortana.

Well, you can if you want to but there is so much more to her. For all those non Windows Phone users, Microsoft Cortana is like Siri and Google Now she does task based searches, alarms, reminders and manages your daily schedule.

But ofcouse, that is not what you are here to learn about Microsoft Cortana.

What is Microsoft Cortana

For beginners Microsoft Cortana likes to get a little friendlier than the rest. Yes, she likes to ask questions that get her to know what you do daily.

Her questions involve queries like what would be your favourite part of the evening or maybe what food you prefer these days. She likes being in touch with the real you.

Secondly, when you want that call free zone on your mobile and want to spend some time in rest but at the same time in touch with your loved ones you can simply turn on the Quiet Hours or Inner Circle time where Microsoft Cortana will hold all calls and let them go to your voice mail while calls from your loved ones will be cleared through. Cool right?

Cortana by microsoft

So now we talked about reminders too as well, well Microsoft Cortana goes a step further and helps you in awesome ways. Say, you are talking to someone and you need to put a reminder for that person, Cortana lets you do that.

Now when someone says something and you need to be reminded about it, Microsoft Cortana will happily do the job for you.

Apart from these fancy stuff you can help yourself with Microsoft Cortana in social media as well. Open any app and just for someone using Cortana or maybe check in a place on social sites asking Cortana to do it. So now any place, anywhere and you are simply logged on as ever.

All social nerd’s this is definitely a plus for you. Now, also when you want privacy for your Apps or details you can simply do that from settings.

Microsoft Cortana is a highly capable virtual assistant that not only helps you for things and stuff but also acts as a very efficient VA when needed.

Buckle up and say hello to a whole future of Virtual Assistants.

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