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How to Improve yourself in Technology World

There was a time when only Nokia was ‘connecting people’, however, in the Era technology world of Smartphones and Tablets, there are a great number of ways through which one can be connected to another. Connectivity is no longer an issue in the modern world. Talking to someone oceans apart takes less than a few seconds. The even better thing is that the cost of communication has drastically reduced.

Want to talk to someone on another continent for hours? Skype can help you with that. Want to stay in touch with a friend who goes to college in another country? Whatsapp can help you with that. Want to call your parents from an ocean apart at no cost? Well, what do we have Viber for? You see, in the modern world, there is a solution to any communication related problem that an individual might face.

All you have to do is make sure that you have the right app or software, and you will not know what a communication issue is for the rest of your life.

How to Involve in Technology World

Long gone are the days when people wrote letters and waited for weeks and months just to get a reply. All this communication technology has improved in technology world and the communications process for businesses, as well. Marketing has never been easier, getting in touch with clients now takes a few minutes at most and customer experiences have been improved significantly just by the introduction of better technology in the world of communication.


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However, all that glitters are not gold and too much of any good thing can eventually be bad too. This is exactly what I will be discussing in this article.

Improvements in the Technology World

The Internet has probably been the biggest invention that has contributed towards the improvement of communication globally. Think of it, when was the last time you spent an entire day without the Internet. Even if you did spend a day without the Internet, were you able to do everything with the ease that you normally get it done with?

The technology world has allowed people from over the globe to come together virtually and work together in order to reach a better position.

People in the remotest of areas all over the globe can be connected to the rest of the technology world through the Internet. Many organizations, including several governments are now opting to operate over the Internet. Governments are the new popular method of governance in well developed countries. Overall, the communications sector has seen improvement that is greater than the development in any other sector.

This development comes with a lot of benefits for individuals, however; it also comes with a price that needs to be paid by everyone.

Advantages of Developing Technology World

  • There are several advantages associated with the improvement in the overall communication systems. First of all, a lot of time is saved. Video conferences allow people to discuss important matters with associates who are separated by thousands of miles-literally.
  • The development in technology world has helped several companies as well as individuals save one of the most valuable assets; time. Since the world has now become a global village thanks to betterment in the communication system, new ideas can be floated at a much larger scale with a lot more ease than before.


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People can make use of the Internet to get their ideas approved by experts in other continents in no time. The ability to communicate has been enhanced so much that the average human being nowadays does no even appreciate the magnitude by which such developments have helped the human race. In fact, these breakthroughs in technology have led us into believing that all the facilities that we enjoy are completely natural and that there is nothing extraordinary about them.

Cons of Technology

  • Everything comes at a specific price and so does the improvement in our ability to communicate. With all the development and new gadgets, it only seems like human beings are now more close to their metal counterparts i.e. laptops, cell phones, etc. rather than being close to actual human beings. Face to face conversations is becoming rare.
  • In fact, the young generation even prefers to avoid conversations in person as they do not feel comfortable at having to talk to an individual. Nowadays, the better option that people see is that of talking to an individual over the phone or the Internet. While the quality of the processes has improved, the quality of the communication itself has deteriorated. One can easily hide emotions and at times can’t express emotions when he or she desires to do so.

In short, the advancement in communications technology is something that needs to be kept under control at all times. Otherwise, this development is no less than Frankenstein’s monster; it has the complete potential to destroy the master that actually created it.


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