Six major factors that causes Type 2 Diabetes

Six Factors that causes type 2 diabetes

Diabetes, as mentioned in our previous articles is a metabolic disease that makes the body stop producing & maintain the blood sugar levels. And in other cases the blood cells stop accepting the insulin produced by the body itself.

There are three main types of Diabetes

Here we will be discussing causes of type 2 diabetes, going a little deep into what actually triggers this type in people.  Among the causes of type 2 diabetes there are six main that make this type work in progression in a human body.

Factors that trigger Type 2 Diabetes

1: The first cause of type 2 diabetes is when your pancreas stop producing insulin altogether. Yes, this means that the pancreas which are supposed to keep a healthy amount of insulin production stop altogether and you are insulin less.

2: Causes of type 2 diabetes include when the pancreas that produce insulin start making less insulin than that is required by the body. Which also means that the body is unable to function with the given amount of insulin by the pancreas.

3: The third main cause of type 2 diabetes is when the body stop responding to the insulin being produced, your body becomes insulin resistant and artificial insulin is required for your body to function.

4: Obesity is among the causes of type 2 diabetes where your body in unable to maintain healthy levels of every major organ production.

5: Alcohol becomes one another reason for type 2 diabetes.

6: Off course when we are talking about the causes of type 2 diabetes we should not forget smoking as a person introduces foreign particles into his body and that over a period of time interrupt with you blood to becomes one of the causes of type 2 diabetes.

We should however not forget about the risk factors that are always involved in type 2 diabetes and they begin with your age. Yes, people over the age of 40 are at a higher risk of type 2 diabetes than people under this age group.

Your genetics play an important role in getting diabetes as well. May be your family history has diabetes which is also passed on to generations and up to you. Your weight and both your ethnicity play the same important role when it comes to type 2 diabetes.

Belonging from African origin, Chinese and South Asian can be also major causes of type 2 diabetes. But again, type 2 can be managed by following the exact orders given by your doctors to maintain a healthy life.

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