Best Free Virus Protection Apps For Android Tablets

best free virus protection app for android tablets

Today our topic of discussion is best free virus protection Apps for Android Tablets. It’s all about being online all the time and with the world progressing at a fast pace you need to keep up to date.

But in this world of rush you need to keep secure the things you share or have on your Smart Phone, Desktops, Tablets or Personal Computers.

While anti-virus protection is easily available on CD’s, USB’s for everything, for smartphones and tablets it becomes difficult. So for all tablet’s we have some really cool and best free virus protection Apps that are easily available. We hope you enjoy them.

Avast – Best free virus protection

Avast for Android TabletsFor all Android tablet users we have Avast, the best free virus protection App and security system for Android Tablets that is packed with all the things that you could possibly need to keep yourself hassle free and protected.

All you need is go to your Play Store and install this package. It helps keep your data in your Android tablet save and is very easy to use.

It protects from potential threats of viruses and malware programs and keeps updating itself. So this can be your first choice in having the best free virus protection for Android Tablets.

AVG Tablet Antivirus Security

AVG for Android TabletsAVG, a name that is trusted by millions of users across the world and users blindly trust this software for hundreds of reasons. Number one being the ability to update itself and not hanging or bothering you in the middle of whatever you are doing.

AVG, has been one of the best free anti-virus protection for PC’s and Desktops but it also launched the software for phones and tablets as well. You are sure to be tension free once you have this best free virus protection installed on your Android tablet.

Trust Look Mobile Security

Trust Look for Android TabletsAnother free in the row which helps you keep your tablet protected from viruses. We can also call this one of the best free virus protection software’s as even though it is free and gives you 24/7 security.

There is no reason to doubt that Trust Look mobile security would be lower than its competitors because like the rest it protects your from virus and malware at the same time.

Kaspersky – Free Virus Protection App

Kaspersky for Android TabletsAnother famous name when you talk about best free virus protection programs. Kaspersky is a lab within itself and not only does it protect you from viruses and malware programs.

The most prominent of Kaspersky, the best free virus protection App for Android tablet is its Anti-Theft that gives you call and text filters for your Android tablets that have phone un-available for them.

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