Best Firefox Extension For WordPress Developers

Firefox extensions for developers

You can not disagree with the fact that Firefox is one of the best web browsers one can come across on the internet.

And with the Extension/Add-on feature that most web browsers including Firefox itself are providing to the users these days people are enjoying their web experience in a more convenient way.

From WordPress developers to writers these popular firefox extensions are a way to go for everyone. In this article we will introduce you to some of these helpful little tools that are a must to use for web developers (mainly WordPress).

Firebug: Extensions For Developer

firebug extensionThe first one in our list is Firebug. It is a very helpful extension mainly working on Firefox browser. The extension Firebug is most popular among the developers of the WordPress community.

Its facilities include changing layout and style in real-time, having the most powerful java script debugger, keeping an eye on performance and network usage and much more.

For more information download the firefox extension and explore its features.

WordPress Firefox Extension

wordpress firefox extensionSecond,an extension that is extremely famous among WordPress developers and the extensions that are offered by Firefox. WordPress Extension solely revolves around the features that can best help a developer using WordPress.

Developed by Automattic it provides easy links for important documentation pages, quick notifications, and convenient entry to WordPress Dashboard.

Using it for publication purposes will best bring out what this extension has to offer. Just download and you can add quick links as well as surf the others in no time.


measure it firefox extensionThe third Firefox extension is Measurelt. It would be inappropriate to not call it a “Big Thing” packed in small. Although it provides one feature only but it is one that helps both Developers and Designers alike.

Measurelt provides you with the ability to perfectly measure all of the pixels you can find in any area in range of your browser screen.

So next time you need an opinion on the size of image to be uploaded or the best dimensions that suit the requirement of your page Measurelt is what you have to refer to.

Exporter: Firefox Extension

ExporterThe purpose of this firefox extension may have become clear to you by now. Exporter provides the facility of easily backing up your blog in WordPress’s RSS (WXR) format.

So the best you can do with this is to post your complete blog on websites like Blogger or WordPess or save it on a personal hard drive.

Download this firefox extension and after a few setting adjustments you are good to go.

Add This

Addthis extensionThe last firefox extension for developers we would like to share with you is an extension that makes your work easier beyond your imagination.

Add This allows you to share and mark anything on your blog or any other ranging from photos, news, internet pages and what not.

All this is done in a blink of an eye and just a click away. Considering its popularity we have no other advice but to Add This!

Hope the article helps you with the best extensions you require.

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