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Football World cup 2014 Groups and Schedule

football world cup 2014 group match schedule

FIFA scheduled the Football World cup 2014, we all knew that however the complete schedule with all rules and regulations were the most awaited event. The wait is over as FIFA has released the groups and schedule for the World cup.

The FIFA world cup 2014 starts on the 12th of June, the day of the opening ceremony and the introduction the most prestigious football cup, Below are the details of the groups followed by the group matches schedule and the semi-final and final.

Fifa world cup 2014 complete schedule

Fifa World cup 2014 Group Names with Teams

Group A consists of Brazil, Croatia, Mexico and Cameroon.

Group B consists of Spain, Netherlands, Chile and Australia.

Group C consists of Colombia, Greece, Cote D’Ivoire and Japan.

Group D has Uruguay, Costa Rica, England and Italy.

Group E has Switzerland, Ecuador, France and Honduras.

Group F has Argentina, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Iran and Nigeria.

Group G took over Germany, Portugal, Ghana and USA.

Group H scored Belgium, Algeria, Korea Republic and Russia.

Football World cup 2014 match Schedule

  • 12th of June : The first and the official Fifa World cup 2014 match begins on the 12th of June and as per schedule it will consist of Group A competing with each other beginning with Brazil VS Croatia followed by Mexico VS Cameroon on 13th of June. ( P.S : Brazil Won by 3-1 )
  • 13th of June: Group B teams Spain VS Netherlands and Chile VS Australia will be competing on this day.
  • 14th of June: Group C teams Colombia VS Greece and Cote D’Ivoire VS Japan will be competing as well as Group D teams Uruguay VS Costa Rica and England VS Italy.
  • 15th of June: Group E teams Switzerland VS Ecuador and France VS Honduras along with Argentina VS Bosnia and Herzegovina of Group F will be competing.

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  • 16th of June: Iran VS Nigeria of Group F and Germany VS Portugal along with Ghana VS USA of Group G will be down in the ground.
  • 17th of June: Belgium VS Algeria and Russia VS Korea Republic of Group H with compete.
  • The alternative pairing of all the groups will take place from 17th of June to 26th of June.
  • Round of 16 will begin on 28th of June and end on 1st of July.

The Quarter Finals will start on 4th of July and end on 5th of July. The Fifa World cup 2014 first Semi-Final will be on 8th July in Belo Horizonte and the second Semi final will be on 9th July in Sao Paulo.

For securing third position in Football World cup 2014 there will be a match between Semi-Final losers on 12th July in Brasilia and then Fifa World cup 2014 will end after the most interesting match between Semi-Final winners on 13th July 2014 at Rio de Janeiro. Stay Updated.

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