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12 freestyle swimming tips to become a perfect swimmer

Quick Swimming Tips

Swimming, one of the pleasures’ in life and yet people do not adapt it naturally like walking, golf or tennis. Like horse riding, swimming requires some help and technique to make it effective for you and once you get that one point the underworld opens up new possibilities.

But to start that journey you need to take some steps and explore your own limits. I am sharing all those swimming tips that have helped me and all others around me who I helped in learning how to swim.

Beginner to advanced level Swimming tips

1 : The very first swimming tip is you need to start practicing breathing techniques; you are at full discretion here to pick any one you want. This will help you to adjust your breathing and control it when you need it the most.

2 : Spend time in open sources of water (pool, lakes, rivers) a little closer to the shore. You need to believe deep in your sub conscious that the water is your friend and you will not drown in it. Once you feel and believe that you would want to do more.

3 : Third in swimming tip is to learn how to float first, because in any circumstance you must absolutely know how to float. This swimming tip will help you in learning that you will not drown and you can always fall back on a safety technique.

4 : You need to feel your body under water, take control of your legs, arms and hands and help adjust to the weightlessness.

5 : Your body should not be tensed and taunt like a wire but relaxed and flows gently with the water. The more ease with water you are the more easily you will float and swim.

6 : Start with holding the edge and kicking your feet up and down. This will help you in knowing how your feet should move when you are ready to swim.

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7 : Always use the goggles for eyes, a nose plug and the cap. Your hair will be protected and out of the way, the nose plug will help you not sputter water every time you go underwater. The goggles help you see and that gives you a sense of control.

8 : You also need to exhale under water slowly, take a deep breath and then start exhaling while controlling it. In this swimming tip you will see the difference of staying under water much longer.

9 : Try not holding the edge too much and step a couple of feet away from the sides to feel the weightlessness properly. You will start to enjoy and feel much better.

10 : This is the most important swimming tips for beginners. Your attention focused on the people around you in the pool, you do not want someone jumping over you or your crossing paths with someone in the pool while swimming.

11 : Stretch, you have to stretch in the pool before you come out as you need to feel your body relax and move above water. Otherwise you will only end up aching in places that hurt when you move.

12 : Always remember this swimming tip, you are in the water and it gives you freedom and you can enjoy it if you want to explore it properly.

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