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Selfie Stick is now replacing with Selfie Remote

Selfie Remote Review

We have all heard about Selfie Sticks and we know the wonders it has done for all our Oscar Selfies and what not. But have you hear that it is now being replaced by the Selfie Remote?

Well, if not then hear you go, the selfie remote is a simple remote that works with an app that you download and connect.

The Selfie remote will be synced automatically and all you have to do is just click on the Selfie remote and the selfies will be taken.

With Selfie remote, you do not have to tap the screen any more for all your macro shots because now when you place the camera of your phone for a close-up, set the angle step back and click the Selfie remote. You will never have any blurry images or zooms ups because selfie stick will have your images crystal clean in a wink.

All those popular occasions when you wanted to have the even covered, well place the SmartPhone on a high platform and set the angle to get all your even coverage. Imagine the wonders you can do with this and how easy it will be to take your selfies now on.

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