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Advantages of Auto Dialers vs Manual Dialers in Call Centers

Advantages of Auto Dialer

Companies large and small operate call centers to provide mutually beneficial services to new customers, such as support and outreach.  Since your agents are the front line of defense for your company, it’s integral they’re properly armed with software that brings out the best in each agent.

If your company has been using manual dialing as the primary means to cold call prospects or reach out to existing clientele, perhaps these advantages will awaken your business senses enough to switch.

  • Hourly employees manually calling new customers will spend more time dialing, hanging up, and redialing until finally 1 call is connected after five minutes of frustration.
  •  For you, the employer paying these agents, you need to maximize connected calls while disregarding anything that resembles an answering machine or invalid number.  With auto dialer software, productivity is restored by design.

Auto dialer will quickly disregard numbers that fail to connect within an ‘x amount of rings, calls that immediately lead to voice-mail, and those with invalid prefixes or disconnection tones.

The time saved by this software is tremendous; in fact, agents will never know which numbers are invalid as the software works behind the scenes between an API and the telephone company’s exchange server.

How Prepackaged Auto Dialer Software works

What could possibly dethrone a software platform that not only reduces call waste, but offers lead management built in? Absolutely nothing, unless your preference is something 1980ish.

Since today’s auto dialer software comes prepackaged with lead management software, agents can immediately score these leads by appending ‘do not call’, ‘disinterested’, and ‘call later’ to the names and numbers.

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If you’re working with large call lists, numbers can quickly get processed with bad numbers immediately deleted from the database.  That’s how the auto dialer works wonders for corporations worldwide.

Even more information, such as prior sales engagement with your company, client history and specific callback information can also be included with each call; in fact, repeat callers will automatically pop up via caller identification, also programmed into the agent’s UI.

With all data that Auto Dialer softwares can process, predictive analyses are performed to better understand customer flow. Manual dialers – well, they’re too old to predict much of anything, much less dial quickly.

How Massive ROI increases with Auto Dialer

When the day is done, business owners simply want an increase in ROI.  Whether this means doubling up on agents, purchasing programs or outside aids to help streamline sales, the mindset of any corporation is get it done by any means necessary.

  • With less time spent banging phone numbers and more time engaging potential buyers, it’s easy to see how the return on investment with any auto dialer software package is especially quick if the organization has been dialing numbers by hand.
  • When agents have nothing but downtime, productivity panic settles into their minds (and yours, too). Manual dialing, for the lack of something more adequately named, is archaic.

It’s not working for your company, and you’re privy to this.  Instead of trimming fat within your workforce, perhaps refining the process which agents handle large call volumes is merited.

Today’s telemarketing workers are responsible for delivering more than just front-line support – they’re tasked with delivering full-blown customer intakes, lead scoring and follow-ups. Is your business utilizing a multi-channel client communication schema that auto dialing software can provide?

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