Memories: Everything you need to know about FlashBacks

what are memories

The act of managing to remember the heaps of information, moments and experiences may be what you called a memory. You acquire power of recall, store the echo, and retrieve the reminiscence.

When something good or bad happen to you, you encode it in your mind and it store it inevitably and later whenever you go through a familiar situation your brain retrieve it to act accordingly on the basis of previous experience.

Memories are everlasting and undying. Memories pass by times but stays in heart forever. These are felt by deep heart. Something slipped out of hands and many things are achieved.  Whenever I hear word “memory” a very divine and cherubic scene comes to the mind.

Sharing memories increase their life and by the span of time they grow rather than getting dwindle. Sitting back and thinking of the days spent is totally a beatific experience.

A memory is what is left when something happens and does not completely unhappen.

~Edward de Bono

Memories are memories, no matter good or bad. It gives us a spiritual and moral support that we made out of the hardships and destitution. Good memories are sort of self encouragement, that how beautifully we spent the gift of life given by Allah almighty.

The role of Emotion in memories

A memory is a courteous brain filing system that enables you to recall everything you have ever learnt. Collecting memory is bewildering sets of information you have stored in your mind. If you want to make you to be proud of yourself than just stay relax, hold a cup of coffee, lie back and think of those beautiful moment you spent in your life.

The day you were born memories start developing, this is elementary. Memories are root of the beliefs we develop, our expectations and the standards we made. Memories unable us to boost up our decision making power whenever time comes and we need to react at once.

We always look back and scrutinize for the good, bad, well known and unknown situations that how we reacted when we gone through such phases.

Sharing your good memories is also a very darling moment to us all. It is always so lovely to recall and divide up your wonderful times spent with your loved ones. The time spent with them and how you felt that time. It is not only a way of treating yourself and your loved ones, But also very motivational and stimulating influence.

It is medically and psychologically proved that good memories elevate our attitudes and ambiance. It is more like a healing therapy for broken hearts and disturbed minds.

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