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The Future of Microsoft – Windows 9 Review

Windows 9 Upcoming release

Microsoft Windows 9, this is one technological product that has developed over time and the consumers of this product have been happy. But is the Windows 9 going to be as popular and helpful as the previous versions? Or is this going to go down the drain as Samsung & Apple updates?

The answer, however, will be revealed in a couple months’ time, but we do have news regarding windows 9, and we leave you to decide what the fate for this holds.

What’s new in upcoming Windows 9

The development of Microsoft Windows 9 has reached the Alpha stage and most probably it’s going to be released somewhere in 2015. A Taiwanese user says it would be best if the company keeps the start screen and home screen. Many alpha users are now referring it to as Blue Windows that is called the first Major change.

Improvement in Task-bar :

Improvements for the task-bar have been introduced, and many new features have been upgraded in this new version. Microsoft plans to introduce the start button in the next version of the windows, but the discussion is still revolving around it. Kernel version 6.3, is also to be introduced the move will come with new enhancements and many more options to choose from.

Microsoft Windows 9 Start Button

New icons and Desktop Gadgets in Windows 9

A whole set of new icons and desktop gadgets will also be introduced, it is going to be more user friendly and complains about windows 8 will have been omitted. Microsoft is launching this new version keeping in mind all the technology that is being introduced in the phones.

Windows 9 - New icons and Gadgets


So to link all the desktops to the phones and on-line servers a new version of windows is needed. Consumers are holding great expectations from Microsoft as the company disappointed the loyal fan base with windows 8. So issues will be erased, and a perfect windows like before will take the place in the market.

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